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This is approximately twice as broad as the volcanic Lau or Tonga—Kermadec Ridges, and of similar dimensions to the Northland region. Glikson , Drewes et al. professional essay writing help tokyo We identify in the new crustal thickness and the Bouguer gravity maps regions of anomalous crust, flexure and dynamic topography and exclude them from our selected regions for sampling of the Bouguer gravity using by the age—Bouguer gravity analysis.

To produce the gravity data set for the study we used raw free-air gravity data 1-min grid— http: Backarc basin processes , Oceanic plateaus and microcontinents , Dynamics: The New Caledonia Trough can be included with these features. According to these parameters the magmatic volume added to the Three Kings Ridge is km 3 km —1 and the arc magmatic addition rate is 21 km 3 km —1 Ma —1.

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The Southwest Pacific Ocean contains key information for understanding the accretion and breakup of south Gondwana and the development of Cenozoic island arcs and basins Figs 1—3. The most extreme — mGal Bouguer anomaly highs are shown by the Cretaceous abyssal ocean floor east of the Tonga—Kermadec trenches and north of the Vitiaz Trench Lineament Ellice Basin. Thesis database zealandia Research Library services for researchers. The model solid red line indicates a zero-age intercept of mGal.

The seismic refraction data are from Crawford et al. The empirical age-depth relation and depth anomalies in the Pacific ocean basin. Thesis database zealandia The presently active trench-arc systems are the east-facing Taupo—Kermadec—Tonga and the south-facing Hunter—Vanuatu system. Localization of seismic events produced by avalanches using multiple signal classification.

Crustal structure of the basin and ridge system west of New Caledonia Southwest Pacific from wide-angle and reflection seismic data. The proposed contribution from the Samoan plume to some of the lavas within the Lau Basin e. Thesis database zealandia Use Google Scholar to search for the phrases " PhD in progress " or " thesis in progress ". This comparison shows very good agreement between the two data sets given their different resolution. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar.

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Both of these subduction systems have actively spreading backarc basins Lau and North Fiji, respectively. In the most recent reassessment of palaeomagnetic studies, Taylor et al. buy a term paper maps The difference in the Bouguer anomaly between the plateau and basin regions is significant and suggests that there is either a compositional difference, a density difference, a difference in crustal thickness or a combination of all these parameters. Hours Libraries and Learning Services staff intranet Feedback on this page.

The Fiji Plateau of earlier authors e. The error bars on the gravity data are 10 per cent and on the ages are: The model solid red line indicates a zero-age intercept of mGal. persuasive essay helper for cyber bullying example The Tasman Sea spreading ridge ceased activity at ca.

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The 3-D crustal structure of these ridges is depicted in Fig. This is a very useful criterion to compare and contrast the various oceanic basins in the SW Pacific. Thesis database zealandia However, in several offshore regions the crustal thickness of 7—11 km e. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar.

Flattening of the sea floor depth-age curve as a response to asthenospheric flow. In the most recent reassessment of palaeomagnetic studies, Taylor et al. Thesis database zealandia Trove includes theses at all levels, including PhD, masters and honours. Major uncertainty remains over the timing of inception of arc volcanism and polarity changes on the pre-Pliocene subduction systems.

Library collection To find theses, search for a title or keywords. This material, as well as regions on both sides of the island arcs forearc accretionary prism and backarc thicker crustal layers, Fig. Thesis database zealandia C the New Hebrides—Vanuatu Ridge, view from the southeast.

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